Choosing a Theme

For my final photomontages, I’ve chosen to follow a theme that I constantly saw throughout Peter Kennard’s work while doing my research. Kennard created a lot of photomontages in protest against the use of missiles and weapons in conflict. The main recurring theme throughout his work was his efforts to encourage peace between nations and people.

I really like this idea, and it is something that I feel passionate about, so I’ve decided that my final montages will advocate peace. I think this is a good idea, especially with the escalating Syrian refugee crisis and tension between military powers like the USA and Russia.

I want my montages to show people the harsh truth of what comes with conflict, so I will most likely include photographs of the Syrian refugee crisis that have deeply affected me. As well as incorporating Kennards theme of peace advocation, I’m going to incorporate Jean McEwans simple style of composing his montages; straightforward but effective. I have elaborated on this in my post “Research and Analysis: Jean McEwan”.


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