Research and Analysis: Jean McEwan

Jean McEwan is a contemporary visual artist based in Bradford, UK.

In response to Brexit, he created a series of photomontages, all called “Missing you already”. All of the background images from the photomontages are postcards from various EU countries. Two images from this series are shown below.


The image above is an altered postcard from Pont De Neuf, Paris. He created this whole series digitally, and so he scanned the postcards and then digitally pieced them together with other images to create his final pieces.

It is clear from the title and nature of McEwans series that he did not support Brexit. In both photomontages shown on this page, the outstretched arms and the man clinging on to the land represent an unwillingness to leave.

Personally, I like that these works have a strong political meaning behind them because they convey this meaning while remaining simple and easy to comprehend.

altered-postacrd-norwayAlthough I will not select a Brexit-theme for my own photomontages, I will borrow from McEwans style of composing his images. I will keep my montages simple and try to use only 2 or 3 images at most to create my final outcomes. I think this will ensure that my montages are straightforward and effective.


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